It was in 2008 when we associated with Don Carino Martínez, a great character who opened up the doors of his family’s Palenque for us, from where we learned the process of creating artisan mezcal.


In 2010 Espíritu Lauro was created in honor of the founder and Carino’s grandfather,Don Lauro Martínez, who developed the original formula that is produced in this Palenque since the 1920s.

Here, we created a hot temperature ensemble of agave espadín with San Martín. A Karwinskii that made a much more complex kind of mezcal than others. This perfect mix of agave with espadín now is named Espíritu Lauro.

Our Palenque is like no other. The geo-graphic region where it is located, is far from the zone where the machine made mezcales are produced. We base our processes on tradition. Our flavor is created in San Agustín Amatengo, a small town with a population of less than 1,500 people with a strong mezcal tradition. Our process is natural and careful. We are in the mountains, far from the quick and antinatural formulas.

All of this has positioned us as the favorite mezcal among the lovers of this drink.