Esto nos permite ofrecer la calidad y
originalidad que nos distingue

Mixologists, chefs, and mezcal lovers from everywhere, agree with us that Espíritu Lauro is the best espadín from Oaxaca. A classic and perfect one. This is accomplished thanks to the processes we use to create its unique and special flavor.


The agave is cultivated in a natural way and after 6 to 12 years is manually cut and taken to the Palenque.


The cooking takes place in an oven built from a hole in the ground. We use materials like selected wood, river stones, bagasse, and soil.


The trituration is accomplished with a mill known as “Molino Egipcio” or “Tahona Chilena”. This is made by a wheel that weights almost 1,102 pounds, attached to an axle and is pulled by a beast.


The fermentation is spontaneous and takes place in wood containers for approximately five to seven days, considering the ambient temperature.


This last step takes place in copper stills, of clay pots or combinations of copper, clay, and reed. From the product of the first distillation we get the aguardiente best known as mezcal.


Mezcal Joven
(Without aging)

  • Intense brightness and luminosity.
  • Soft floral and smoked scent.
  • Strong and intense flavor of soil and the distinctive sweetness of the agave.

Mezcal Reposado
(4 months of aging)

  • With a thatch color and golden shades.
  • Strong, complex and silky with smoked tones.
  • Soft scent and flavor.

Mezcal Joven
Agave silvestre

  • Intense brightness and luminosity.
  • Soft smoked scent.
  • Strong and intense soil flavor.

Mezcal Añejo
14 months of aging

  • Beautiful and bright amber color.
  • Complex and fruity scents.
  • Soft and delicate to the mouth.
  • Smoked with a flavor of the cask where it ages.
  • To fully enjoy it, we recommend drinking it neat.